ryanestrada (ryanestrada) wrote,

I want the best job in the world!


Have you heard about The Best Job in the World?

Get this, the Tourism Board of Queensland is looking for someone to live on an island and blog about their adventures. I mean, come on! That's me! That's what I do!

Except in this job, I would make enough money to stop working on so many commissions and make my own comics for a loooooooong time.

Problem is, there are about 15,000 other applicants for the job! My application getting views and votes is the only way to move to the head of the pack!

Click here to see video of me playing with wild lions, running with bulls, retrieving a hyena skull, etc...... then, if you think I'm the man for the job, give me a good vote!

Edit: The site is really, really slow today. But if you leave the window open, and just minimize it for a while.... eventually you will hear me speaking and know it has loaded.
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